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We would just eat what was provided — even the spam fritters — or at the very least push it around our plates and hide it under some mashed potato. I remember someone saying they could die if they ate a peanut, but as for everything else? It seemed to go down OK. Not that there was much choice when we got home, either.

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The shops were only just beginning to stock skimmed milk next to the gold top — and the shelves were a lot simpler to navigate. Earl Grey with hazelnut milk, anyone? Experts believe that this A1 protein causes many people to suffer unpleasant gastric symptoms such as bloating, trapped wind and diarrhoea. It was a researcher in New Zealand who discovered some cows produced an alternative milk protein, called A2. In trials, since acknowledged by the European Food Safety Authority, scientists found that A2 did not affect the body in the same way that A1 does; and drinking milk that only contained A2 resulted in fewer cases of lactose intolerance.

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Plus, these farms are checked for animal welfare, so the cows are as happy as our tummies. A recent Netmums survey found that 85 per cent of those who tried this alternative milk for a fortnight would recommend it to a friend, so it would appear that word of mouth is on its side. Research has shown that this could be because when the A1 protein is present, it reduces the activity of the lactase enzyme which is needed to digest the lactose.

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So if you suffer from post-dairy symptoms, should you forget about drinking milk? Not necessarily. Life without milk might sound fashionable, but it comes with a nutritional cost. Alternatively, some GPs are suggesting their patients swap ordinary milk for a2 Milk, which is free of the A1 protein, as a trial.

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