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I use the discounts at restaurants at least once a month. My membership has paid for itself many times over. Those who thumb their noses at its value are probably not aware of how much they can save.

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Reply Republic Wireless is the most affordable wireless by far. Not a senior discount, just good sense pricing. Many seniors are cancelling or foregoing membership in this obvious right wing organization. Not a peep out of the AARP when tax cuts for the wealthiest went into effect. Take what you want and leave the rest. Reply I agree with your comment. As a senior person with limited resources I feel forced to promote somethings I disagree with just to benefit from aids to supplement my cost of living.

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I feel taken advantage and forced promote somethings that disagree with my fundamental values. Reply I am all about the discounts.

Even if it means listening to left wing liberals. Conservatives tend to see AARP as liberal. AARP is focused on one thing: the welfare of retired persons. Healthcare, Senior Housing, etc. People over 50 need an advocacy group on our side. Reply Is there a coupon book? Businesses need to wake up and realize that not every senior is going to join AARP.

I for one will never be an AARP member, ever. Reply Agreed. I got AARP membership five years ago and only got a discount once in those five years.

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I get a lot of junk mail though to start fires in my back yard. My membership expires this month. Reply AARP negotiates some of these deals. Reply Exactly.

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Reply why is 55 called a senior anyway. They are only seniors in housing and this need to change due to the vast number of babyboomers. They need to change it to Yes, we are thankful for discounts, but, most of these places have stopped their discounts. I am a twenty-year veteran teacher still working, and when you ask about a senior discount, they look at you, disdainfully, most of the vendors. Perks exist for some of these vendors, but, they treat you like scum.

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Each time I was so surprised and really appreciated it. My problem now is I never remember to ask for a discount. Reply Like you, I usually forget to ask for a senior discount. Also, when I was married my husband always asked for two senior tickets at movie theaters and, although he was a senior and I was not at the time, the tickets were never denied. Truly with the power of senior citizens some type of action could be taken. Spectrum, Time warner, Charter whatever they call themselves now, could give some sort of discount. Reply That is such a good point.

They are out to make the big bucks that is their bottom line and they do not care about their customers. If you have them as a provider they slam you with their commercials constantly. I am really sick of them. Reply Seniors are the only ones still watching! I have the Silver pack and my kids only watch Netflix! Go figureā€¦ Reply I agree about internet and cable TV rates.

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And a dish is not permitted. Now I find I enjoy reading a book! Reply I cut cable 10 years ago. Best decision yet. Reply Why someone would want to watch hundreds of mindless channels full of commercials is beyond me. Love my Netflix! Reply This is a great idea. Discounts on Utilities would help Seniors. Reply Certainly enjoy many of the wonderful senior discounts and, indeed, hope these will become even better as time goes on.

The above mentioned said, the focus should, perhaps, now be on helping seniors to get interesting well-paying jobs so they will be able to earn a living and support themselves. Reply The local high school provides grandparents with a gold card which gets them into high school sporting events either at a great discount or entirely free not sure which. Reply I love all the offers u offer. Thank yoi very mich. In the future I will make good use of these discounts.

Thank you very much. Reply Regal has a senior rate but the matinee on a weekday is already the discounted rate. Reply La Quinta is now part of Wyndham. Reply Dress Barn is going out of business. Reply Tops supermarket offers 6percent discount the first Tues of the month. Reply Your Senior discounts for cell phones does not list Verizon.

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Reply What are the 5 states? Reply We have a discounted Verizon plan in MD. Do they give discounts to Seniors? Reply Normally senior discounts at regular movie is matinee price if you go to matinee as a senior you do not get discount because it is already.

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Reply I think it depends on location because the one I go to still offers the Senior discount Reply Depends on location. I just got a discount today on my purchase. Reply We receive a senior discount at Dunkin when we go. We do ask each time. Reply My Dunkin Donuts does. Was just there is morning. Reply alphabetizing the list is a thoughtful way to list these discounts Reply Would someone make an alphabetized list of discounts please.

I can see myself sitting in my car looking for a discount on where ever I am in line to make a purchase. I just usually ask if that location gives a senior a discount. BTW I noticed a little while ago that Amazon is now selling senior products. Apparently they are pricing items as if we are all wealthy! I shop where I can find the best price. Thanks to whomever put this list together!

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It helps! Reply Unlimited Wifi? Thank you!! Reply Yes. T-Mobile is the bomb! Also get T-Mobile discounts every Tuesday on various food, events and stores. Right now, they have a free Doritos taco at Taco Bell once a week and a free iced latte at Dunkin Donuts each week. Think about it how much can a older person eat! Reply If you are from the Bay Area- California. I really take advantage of this day by also using coupons which they double up to 50 cents.

Reply What age do you need to be, I am in Az.? Thanks Brenda! Reply The list of restaurants giving senior discounts are all places that no one should ever eat at much less a senior. Everyone of those places are guaranteed to take at least 10 years off life expectancy.

Im surprised that an organization such as yours supposedly benefitting seniors would even suggest these places. Reply As a treat these places are ok. Do you have a list of healthy restaurants that offer senior discounts? Reply Many of the places listed have healthy options or salads that you can put less dressing on if one chooses so. Get New Coupons for Ross Offers.